Dessertivore Food Truck and Branding
As soon as the mention of French pastries, I think of the Croquembouche.
The croquembouche is a French pastry dish often seen at large functions
such as weddings. The logo was inspired by the stacking nature of the
croquembouche. The rest of the branding was largely inspired by the creator
of the dessert - Antoine Careme. Careme was a French chef in the early
1800s and is known as the first celebrity chef. He created big, extravagant
banquets for royalty and has a long list of royals that he cooked for. Because
of this he is known as “the king of chefs and the chef of kings”. It is for this
reason that I wanted Dessertivore to be inspired by baking that is “worthy of
kings”. A lot of the illustrations are based on Careme’s own drawings of
dishes he invented, as well as drawings of the royalty he cooked for. There are
also illustrations of each dish on the menu.
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