Modern society is dominated by impersonally Western, mass produced home-ware that never seems to last. Hábitar aims instead to provide a platform for South African designers, products and ranges to shine. With local roots but unmatched quality Hábitar invests in local communities to grow. Hábitar means to inhabit or to live in Portuguese, which encapsulates their mission to surround people with rich culture and South African contexts to inspire a continuous growth and investment in all things South African. Hábitar is inspired by the air of South Africa and everything it has to offer, the youth, disrupters, innovators and anything in-between to provide local and international consumers on both
a large and small scale with an unmatched cultural experience according to their budget. Efficient and reliable distribution to share everything the country has to offer with the rest of the world. Timeless design with hints of passion can make any home feel like a gallery.
The logo incorporates two hands hugging South African designs, which represents Hábitar's love of SA designs - by keeping them close to the heart. The three chairs used in the example are simplified versions of three famous SA chairs. The left chair being Zulu Mama chair by Haldane Martin, the middle chair is by James Mudge and the last chair is by Doktor and Missus. 
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