Welcome to Lyderic: Where Tradition Meets Modern Brewmanship.

Step into a realm where ancient folklore plays with contemporary craftsmanship, embodying the spirit of the legendary giants of Lille. Lyderic, named after the valiant giant in the age-old tale, weaves a captivating narrative through six distinct beers.

Our brand artfully marries traditional motifs with a modern flair, celebrating the rich tapestry of French folklore and heritage. With every sip, you’re transported into the heart of Lille, where the giants once roamed and stories came alive.

With a chic, curated color palette that’s both sophisticated and contemporary, our brand invites you into the world of Lille’s folklore. Imagine bright, colourful lines blending seamlessly with modern, sleek lines, mirroring the fusion of heritage and innovation.

Typography takes center stage, boasting sharp, commanding typefaces that resonate with the forward-thinking beer drinker. These bold fonts are a statement, symbolizing the strength of local roots and the boldness of embracing contemporary tastes.

Geometric shapes create a modern canvas, providing the perfect backdrop for traditional motifs that weave stories of the giants and local lore. These elements harmonize, engaging the senses and inviting you to explore the depths of each crafted tale.

Lyderic embraces local ingredients and celebrates local stories, inviting you to indulge in the flavors and tales of Lille. Join us in this journey through time and taste, as we honor the giants and the local heritage. 
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