Mazibuko Kaneshiro Architecture Partnership is a South African, Cape Town based architecture firm that focuses on providing low-cost housing with a quick development period to the poverty-stricken population of SA. Mazibuko Kaneshiro Architecture Partnership attempts to differentiate themselves from the competition by using materials that are sustainable such as cork but that also are quick to put up and will insulate well without any extra insulation added. One of the main materials has been inspired by the creation of the Wuhan Hospital in china, this is polyurethane panels which are quick to put up and also self-insulate. The Architecture firm compensates for the lack of housing that is being provided for the poverty stricken and attempts to create comfortable, space-saving houses by making prefabricated homes that make use of modular aspects. Mr Kaneshiro has combined his Japanese background with Mr Mazibuko’s knowledge of the South African context to bring the country a unique perspective that uses Japanese elements to solve South African problems. The overall experience of the brand is a modern approach to the old problem of housing. By making use of minimal colours, untreated wood, lighting solutions and strong lines Mazibuko Kaneshiro Architecture Partnership is paving the way for prefab homes in South Africa.
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